Refund / Cancellation Policy

At SoOPAK, we provide custom boxes that help you achieve business success. We are here to take care of your packaging needs so you can focus on other issues. Whether you are a business owner, creative designer, or just a box lover, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We are sorry if things didn’t work out. We will gladly refund or exchange the products for certain quality issues within seven calendars upon the delivery of the products. See below for detailed terms & conditions.

Under what conditions does SoOPAK accept product return?
The boxes are customized and therefore, are not qualified for resale. Regarding returning the boxes, the customer must contact SoOPAK customer service team within seven calendar days upon the delivery of the boxes. The customer can only ship back the boxes once SoOPAK customer service team approves the request. SoOPAK does not accept any returning products other than quality issues caused by printing.  Also, if the defects are identified in <SoOPAK Quality Checklist> (link to this document is required), the products are not subject to return. 


  1. The customer is required to apply for a return request within seven calendar days upon the delivery of the products. SoOPAK will not process any requests beyond this deadline;
  2. SoOPAK will contact the customer within one business day upon the receipt of the request;
  3. SoOPAK will not accept any returning products that are not approved by SoOPAK customer service team in advance;
  4. The customer should return the products to the identified address on the return label. SoOPAK will not be responsible if the customer returns the products to the incorrect address;
  5. The customer pays the shipping cost upfront. If the SoOPAK carries the responsibility, SoOPAK will expense the shipping cost for the customer; otherwise, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost;
  6. If the products are defected during shipment, the customer should contact SoOPAK and SoOPAK will coordinate with the courier;
  7. If a refund is required for the product return, SoOPAK will provide in-store credit to the customer’s online account. The customer may use the credits for any further purchases.

How to file a request/ return the products?

  1. Notify our customer service team via email. Our customer service team will respond in one business day. If the customer’s request is qualified for return/ needs a secondary inspection, SoOPAK will issue a unique case number for tracking purposes;
  2. Please return ALL delivered products, the original invoice and the samples (if any) in the original package, using the Return Label; otherwise the products will not be accepted by SoOPAK;
  3. SoOPAK will assess the products and refund the amount to the customer’s online account

When/ How will I get my money back?
SoOPAK will refund the money to the customer’s online account, which can be used as in-store credits

  1. For partial refund, SoOPAK will refund the amount that is qualified for return;
  2. Coupon/ In-store credits are not subject to refund; If the customer applies the coupon/ in-store credits for multiple products, the coupon/ in-store credits will be pro-rated based on the value for each product.

Return Policy Processing
SoOPAK Return Policy Processing Map
Soopak Acceptable Quality

Inspection Area


Acceptable Standard

Evaluation Methods

Critical Defect

Major Defect

Minor Defect


Artwork file

Customer sign-off







Maximum of 03 hickies (size 3 mm) found within 10cm x 10cm square

Steel Ruler / Visual




Color Match (PMS)

Total color difference (Delta E) between the specified and printed color must not exceed 4.0 LAB reading





Color Match (Process)

Maimum of +/- 5% ink density





Scratches on MAIN panel

Maximum of 19mm length  x 0.15mm width x 1

Steel Ruler / Visual




Scratches on SIDE panel

Maximum of 19mm length x 0.15mm width x 2

Steel Ruler / Visual 





Maximum of 0.1mm

Steel Ruler 





Maximum of 1.5mm within 10cm x 10cm square

Steel Ruler / Visual 




Foil Stamping


Read-able in font size # 5






Maximum of 2mm

Steel Ruler




Embossing /








Maximum 0f 2mm

Steel Ruler





Glue bond

Minimum of 70% fiber tear

Manual / Visual




splitting/cracking on auto-lock ; 4/6 corner style

Maximum 6mm along working creases

Steel Ruler / Visual











Case Count







Mfg. Class Stamp