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Custom Nutraceutical Short Run Packaging

SoOPAK allows both large and small businesses to design and produce the packaging solutions they need at an affordable cost. We help businesses in the pharma nutraceutical industry create high-quality custom packaging for their products, without having to order a large run. SoOPAK specializes in orders from just 500 to 20,000 pieces. Create custom nutraceutical packaging with our style options.

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All nutraceutical product packaging boxes designed by SoOPAK can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of products, including supplements, remedies, functional foods, kits, and more! Your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging can be completely customized with your artwork, box cut outs, windows, unique finishes and inserts to create a packaging solution that meets your needs.

Why Choose Packaging from SoOPAK?

SoOPAK’s nutraceutical packaging design process is fast and customizable! This is what makes us the industry leader in short run packaging in Canada. Our affordable pricing and great customer service is what keeps customers coming back. Some of the excellent benefits SoOPAK’s customers receive are:

  • Prices up to 60% lower than the competitors
  • Plate & die service at no extra charge
  • Fast 15 business day turnaround time
  • High quality offset printing starting from 500 boxes