Custom Dieline Design
Custom Dieline Design Custom Dieline Design

Custom Dieline Design

Product ID: 801 - DC
Soopak structure design department is well positioned in the folding carton packaging to supply production ready Dieline design and CAD samples.

Dielines are the backbone of folding carton package. Your graphic designer would much prefer you supply a dieline & CAD sample before the commencement of graphic design.
Unit Price US$100.00

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Unit Price US$100.00
Product ID: 801 - DC

Product Description

Key element of dieline design request

To order custom dieline design, there are some essential information required to ensure the accuracy of dieline structure.

1. Box Style

There are 2 ways to instruct your desired custom dieline design.

  • Dieline design is similar to one standard dieline style in "By box style" or "By Industries" category, please fill the product ID of that product, along with details of  what revision you would need over this style in this field.
  • No reference style found in any page, please attach image of your disired box style or your drawing of how the box looks in reference image option. 

2. Measurement

Consider the special dieline style, we suggest customer to ship your product to SoOPak, so our structure designer could take all necessary dimensional info for dieline design process.

If you can't manage to send us the target product, then we would need product image with measurement marked.

3. Weight loading capability

Paper Stock choosing is one important decision to make for folding carton packaging, to make sure the durability of the structure and cost effective, we don't want the board using for this project too thin, which makes the box flimsy, however it's not the thicker the better, too thick stock according to the dimension or style would cause closure problem etc, to make sure we pick the appropiate stock, our structure designer would need the product weight as additoinal info to consider.

4. Paper Stock

If you are confident with board choosing either you have run this packaging job before or you've tried on similar dimension box in this style with the same board, you could choose the paper stock , while request dieline design

If you want our structure design to choose appropiate stock for you, simply leave it blank, we'll take care of it.

5. CAD sample

To avoid potential error on every steps of dieline design: style choosing; dimension measurement;  weight scaling;  stock choosing... SoOPak recommend you always check with CAD sample boxes, a plain sample box made based on your dieline design over chosen stock, you could test how it's fitting your product, whether it's durable to hold the weight...

6. Professional Assistance Always Availble

Can't make up your mind as you didn't see the information you need on this page, feel free to contact one of our packaging specialist for instant help through LIVE CHAT or TOLL NUMBER 1-855-766-7225.

How to order

Step 1.
Select your box style.

Step 2.
Receive an instant quote.

Step 3.
Test your dieline design.

Step 4.
Place your order.