The SoOPAK Story

Everyday, millions of our hard-working and dedicated customers strive to achieve their business success, starting from a little box. This little box conveys the heart and soul of their vision, their stories and their brands. Days and nights of hard work distills into that little cube. The box speaks for themselves, thus, they expect to work with someone who offers more than simply “manufacturing” the box.

Since 2014, SoOPAK has successfully served many clients’ packaging needs.  As the most trustworthy and reliable online packaging solution provider, we understand our customers and have a proven record to successfully delivering on their needs. Our end-to-end intuitive online packaging platform with responsive and supportive offline customer service makes their packaging experience trouble-free. SoOPAK takes care of their packaging, and they take care the rest.

SoOPAK provides inspirational and simple packaging solutions to our customers to help them achieve success.  We embody creativity in every dimension of our business, arming our customers with inspirational ideas and practical solutions.

At SoOPAK, we believe no order is too small and no dream is too big. We simply enable your success and creativity.

The SoOPAK Advantages

  • High quality products that deliver value for money
  • An end-to-end online packaging platform where our customer can easily find the information
  • Straightforward and hassle-free process that is simple and convenient
  • Excellent and responsive customer service 
  • Customized products and services that meet our customer’s individual needs
  • business partner that informs and advises our customer
  • Creative packaging solutions that bring our customer’s brand to life and create a unique point of difference