Privacy and Security

SoOPAK is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service to all our customers.  Ensuring that your needs are always met is a top priority for everyone at SoOPAK, and we do value your feedback.  Outlined below are a range of policies regarding refunds, cancellation, privacy, our commitment to data security and more.  If you don’t see your specific question addressed, below feel free to contact us for a prompt response.
Please note that cancellations and refunds are not possible.  Please read below for more details and to understand why SoOPAK has no choice but to adopt this policy.

Refund Policies
-Please note that all sales are final, without exception.
-All items you order from SoOPAK are unique, one-of-a-kind and customized for you.  As a result, these items cannot be used by other consumers.  Our policy is that all sales are final.

Cancellation Policies
-It is important to note that you are responsible for any and all errors made when using this site, and you agree to pay for any items that you order.
-Once you’ve placed on order online via the links on our site, SoOPAK cannot cancel or make changes to your order or to your artwork in any fashion.
-Keep in mind that any changes you make before completing your order will be lost if you return to the home page or hit the back button.

SoOPAK’s Privacy Policy
We value both your business and, of course, your privacy as well.  We do collect information as part of the process of servicing you better.  Below is more information regarding our privacy policy and how we take steps to ensure your privacy.
-When using SoOPAK’s website, you agree that you are accepting our privacy policies as outlined on this site.
-You should carefully read our privacy policy before opting to submit any of your personal information to SoOPAK’s website.
-At any time, SoOPAK may change its privacy policy information.  Upon the event that we change our privacy policy, the new changes will not be retroactive but instead will only apply from the date of change forward.

SoOPAK and the Collection of Information
In order to serve you, we have to collect personal information as part of the process of fulfilling your requests.  Identifiable information including name, physical address, email address, your business name and your business website name are all information that may be requested and provided by you on a voluntary basis.  Additionally, we may use this information to send you updates, communications and other information as may be provided via our newsletter, etc.

SoOPAK’s Ongoing Commitment to Securing Your Data
SoOPAK takes data security very seriously.  As a result, we take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of personally identifiable information.
As part of securing your data, only qualified and authorized parties are allowed access to your personally identifiable information.  Qualified and authorized parties include SoOPAK employees, contractors and others who have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of your information.

SoOPAK and the Distribution of Information
 Information acquired by SoOPAK on its website may be shared, when requested, with governmental agencies or outside companies when doing so directly applies to fraud prevention and/or fraud investigations.  Any information provided will be specifically provided to address the issue of fraud.  This information will not be provided to governmental agencies or outside companies for any other reason than fraud investigations and prevention.

SoOPAK’s Policy Regarding Opting Out of Newsletters and Emails
You may at any time opt out of SoOPAK’s Newsletters and emails.

We Value Your Feedback and Your Continued Business
 Please contact us today if you have any questions regarding our policies.  Our goal is to make our Policies Page as clear and helpful to visitors, users of the site and customers as is possible.  Thank you for your continued support.