Soopak.Com Review - Best Choice For Custom Box Packaging In New York

When you are in need of custom packaging materials that’s sends the right message and guarantees that your products or services gets noticed, then SoOpak is the go-to specialist; especially in New York.
If you are a brand owner or a consumer product manufacturer looking for a fast turn-around, great quality and smaller run length cartons and packages for your products, then you need not look any further as soOpak will sure meet all your needs.
SoOpak, whose president is Carol Jiang, was formed as a response to the rising needs of brand owners and products manufacturers looking for professional and custom carton packages that speaks their brands and ensures they get noticed and invariably sales; and as well as bring consumer satisfaction.
The platform was formed as a unique new short-run offset printing packaging specialist with high quality versatile packaging options. It is perhaps the number and only platform you should consider when you are interested in small packaging needs that requires offset printing.
It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business or big time venture; soOpak is sure to meet all your needs which might include:

  • Automotive Box Packaging Retail Custom Packaging
  • Food Folding Carton Packaging
  • Gift Box Packaging
  • Personal Care Box Packaging
  • Soap Box Packaging
  • Beverage Box Packaging
  • Consumer Product Box
  • Candle Packaging
  • Aromatherapy Packaging
  • Cosmetic Box Packaging

No matter what kind of business venture you run as an individual or body, you are sure to need custom packaging that actually speaks volume of your business; and this is where soOpak comes into play.
While you concentrate and focus on the core administrative and marketing part of your business, they make sure your products gets the attention it needs through promotional custom printed boxes and other packages.
With an established solid reputation in the custom printed boxes and packaging niche, you will be hard-pressed to find any other platform or organization that can and would deliver the services that SoOPak offers.
Not only are their services unique and comes with high quality print, but they also offer the most affordable pricing the industry can think of.
Now, combine an established name with high quality custom printing and packaging, alongside professional services with fast delivery and response rate and then top it with very affordable pricing that the industry can offer, and you have got yourself a winner.
That winner is SoOPak!
SoOPak is certainly the best choice when it comes to your custom box printing and packaging in New York and beyond.

Why Choose SoOPak Instead Of The Competition?

With millions of products parading the market, and more being released constantly into the market, the consumer is faced with a hard choice of which product to patronize.
One factor that differentiates one product from the other is the packaging, and when these are custom built, it speaks volumes to the reliability and effectiveness of such a product in many cases.
With this in mind, many firms who need to shine out take custom printing and packaging of their products as a matter of high priority.
This is where SoOPak steps in and takes the business of custom packaging to a whole new level by guaranteeing the customer gets the best of the best where custom printing and packaging is concerned.
But, fact is, there are a lot of other custom printing and packaging outfits out there.
So, why would anyone want to go with, or choose SoOPak?
Why choose SoOPak rather than the competition?
What makes SoOPak so unique that it dwarfs the rest of the competition?
Is SoOPak really the right choice when it relates to custom boxes and packaging?

These are questions we intend answering in this article, and hope to see how and why SoOPak stands far tall as far as the competition goes.

An Honest Look Into The Outstanding Features and Services Of SoOpak

Let’s have a look at some of the outstanding and unique features and services of SoOpak that makes them stand heads high at the face of the competition in a fast growing and competitive niche as custom printing and packaging; especially in New York.

Packaging that sends the right message

At soOpak, custom printed boxes are not just built, but printed so that it delivers the right message.
Most of the competitors seem to think that all you need are packaging materials for your products.
This is not just so with soOpak.
At, they hold the believe that your products doesn’t just needs any kind of packaging, but the right packaging that gets it noticed and then sends the right message resulting in good ROI.

Packages versatility

At SoOpak, the major concern is producing high quality, attention-catching and point-of-sale packaging materials.
These includes port-folios, displays, boxes, tags and inserts.
To achieve all these variety of items, SoOPak has put together a high quality multi-color offset presses as well as an outstanding level of system integration that includes:

  • in-house prepress services
  • plate making,
  • UV coating,
  • embossing and
  • windowing capabilities

This ensures a speedy and prompt response to customer needs and enquiries, the geographical location of the customer notwithstanding; whether overseas or domestic.

Easily navigable website

Just thought this should be mentioned. Though not a service they offer, the SoOPak website is one hell of a website. It’s not just easily navigated, but you can get all the information you want without getting lost.
It’s neat and simple and customers can easily get all needed information to get their custom packaging set off.
In addition, the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site is well organized and highly detailed, ensuring that a customer never gets lost and has all questions answered even without needing to get in touch with support / customer care.

Fast delivery and response time


With a secure cloud-based ordering system, responding to orders is a breeze. With a response time that is second to none, and an exceptionally understanding and professional customer support, you get all your orders rolling out in no time.
Whether you are a small time entrepreneur or a large organization, fast delivery seems to be their watchword as they value your time; and theirs too.

Established and reputable

When it comes to custom box packaging, SoOPak is a household name in North America and worldwide, having served big brands and entrepreneurs as well.
They are known and reputed to be highly professional and reliable in the custom boxes and packaging niche.
With a plethora of satisfied and happy customers under them, you can rest assured that all your custom packaging needs for your products is in the best of hands.

Availability of SoOPak Credit Union

The SoOPak Credit Union is a unique feature that enables customers to take part in a special cost savings on all carton packaging.
For instance, a customer that makes a prepayment of $5000, they get to receive a 5,263 SoOPak credits.  Also, a prepayment of $10,000 entitles them to receive 11,111 credits, which enables them to purchase $11,111 worth of products. 
The SoOPak Credit Union is a totally new feature to cut down on its carton packaging costs and is the only known competitor that offers this at the money!

Highly affordable pricing

With SoOPak, there is no outrageous pricing.
While providing the customer with eye catching packages and images that reflects and promotes clients products and business, cost is maximally reduced as marketing and overall packaging costs are cut down.
SoOPak is not only interested in saving the customers time and effort but money as well.
It should also be noted that SoOPak doesn’t charge for plates or dies; marginally differentiating them from the competition.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large corporation looking to run a test to check out the market or a startup that’s interested in a small batch of folding cartons, SoOPak provides very affordable options that’s sure to get the customer excited.

Covers a wide range of industries

No matter the industry, rest assured that SoOPak is there to serve. They cover a wide range of markets. They work across various industries like automobile, hospitality, marketing, medicals, cosmetic, entertainment, food and confectionary, pharmaceuticals, personal care industries, etc.
No matter your industry, they will sure work things out with you and ensure that you get the best custom boxes and packaging that really sells your products.

Easily reached – not hiding behind a website

Another very important uniqueness about SoOPak is that they don’t hide behind some fancy website.
Not where SoOPak is concerned!
This is a REAL business with REAL physical location(s) and REAL staff and persons you can talk to and meet with; who will listen to your every whims and make sure your custom packaging needs are met and satisfied.

Refunds capability

Things don’t ALWAYS go well with business and SoOPak knows this. With this in mind, SoOPak offers a cancellation / refund policy if there is a mistake with your design from their own end, and you have got 7 days to notify them of this.
Very few of the competition offers such a guarantee especially with custom boxes; and this totally differentiates them, as it becomes obvious that they truly seek the customer’s utmost satisfaction.



Award winning platform

This review will not be complete without mentioning the awards and recognition that SoOPak has gotten in delivering excellent services and showing unparalleled professionalism in their business.
They are recognized and commended as being among the Top 500 Fastest Growing Businesses in Canada, 2015.
They also won the award of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs, 2015.
All this goes to say that SoOPak is really giving excellent services.
When it comes to the custom boxes and packaging niche, none does it better than SoOPak, and you most certainly should check them out today.

What Clients Are Saying About SoOPak Custom Box Packaging Platform?
There are so many good and raving reviews online relating to the services of SoOPak custom boxing and packaging services, and we will have a look at some of them.
The Top 50 Packaging Ideas Expo also offered a couple of prizes, one a thank-you to a visitor for registering for the Expo online—won by Mondelez Canada Inc. procurement of external manufacturing and innovation Jean-Francois Guillerez, taking home a Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch.
The other award was given to the company that, as determined by visitors and fellow exhibiting companies, possessed the most innovative packaging idea.
Won by SoOPAK, a Toronto-based printing shop specializing in offering high-quality, cost-effective short-run printing for packaging customers, with company president Carol Jiang adding that there are no die and plate costs for the offset printing, and can offer runs from as low as 500 boxes in a quick turnaround.
Canadian Packaging also awarded one lucky visitor a new Apple iPad Air tablet just for voting for SoOPAK, won by Ideovation‘s Peter Henderson.

There are also loads of reviews on social media that attests to the outstanding services of SoOPak.
This my first time ever ordering custom boxes and my experience has been exceptional! I have to say, Morgan is a rock star and has walked me through the process from start to finish. He is very detailed with explaining what I should expect, not to mention very patient with me when I have many beginner questions. I have been shopping around for different quotes from other companies and he beat their lowest prices with a quicker turn around time. I WILL highly recommend SoOPAK to my entrepreneur friends that require top notch service and tell them to look no further. I appreciate all of your professional expertise. Thank you Morgan!!!

What Needs Improvement At SoOPak Custom Box Packaging Platform?
So, what needs to be improved with the SoOPak Custom Box Packaging Platform?
Well, as the first custom boxes packaging firm to get real online presence by taking its business online, there are bound to be stiff upcoming competition and that’s why they should not relax.
All firms; good ones especially; don’t rest on their achievements but work harder to attain greater heights.
So is SoOPak!
Without doubts, they are the best when it comes to custom box packaging but they still need to push harder in the midst of the competition by:

  • Ensuring even more customer satisfaction no matter what
  • Providing even more high quality and professional custom boxes services
  • Exceptional customer care

Where Are They located?

SoOPak Custom Box Packaging Platform can be contacted here:
Phone: 1-855-766-7225

Head Office:

2280 Drew Road Mississauga ON L5S 1B8

They can also be found on social media at:

Their corporate website is:

In Conclusion – What Does A Client Look Out For In Custom Box Packaging?
Having seen how great SoOPak custom box and packaging services is,  the real question to ask would be what are customers really looking for when considering custom boxes and packaging for their products?
SoOPak seems to have figured this out and are giving their customers value for their money and time.
It’s good to know that clients are actually looking for the following.

Custom boxes with proper brand representation

This is totally true.
Clients looking for custom boxes and packaging want their brand to be properly represented and with the end result of getting more sales.

Professional and high quality custom boxes

All customers going for custom boxes really want packages that not only speak their brands but of high quality as well as their products are often rated with the packages that they comes with.
Having seen all these, it’s safe to conclude that for any entrepreneur, small business or corporation seeking for quality, affordable and professional custom boxes, the very first place to consider would be SoOPak.
It’s the first and final bus stop as far as custom boxes and packaging are concerned.

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