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Custom Dieline

A dieline for your very own personalized packaging

Customized packaging with your own branding artwork. Your dimensions designed, your way Base your artwork using one of our professional and customizable dielines, Let your creativity show that your box is ahead of the pack with one of our fully customized dielines

Custom Dieline Design


Ensure box is in correct dimension, box style and design for your product

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Order Custom Boxes

Custom folding carton box and packaging

Personalize your packaging with high-quality offset printing. Customized to fit your order, with our instant quotation, ordering custom boxes has never been so fast and easy.

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Print your boxes in few steps

Create and print your packaging with custom sizes and personalised artwork in a fast and simple way.

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Choose the box style you want to realise

You can choose box style from :

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Enter the required options:

  • Enter the required dimensions
  • Select the material
  • Enter the quantity
  • Select the processing time
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You can purchase your packaging via :
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Upload your artwork in your personal area at the respective order

You can upload your artwork file with: pdf, ai, eps format


  1. SoOPAK die-cut template must remain unchanged. It shouldn’t be modified in any way: it should not be moved within the artboard nor resized.
  2. The SoOPAK PDF artboard should remain the same: you cannot edit its dimensions.
  3. You have to create your artwork upon the SoOPAK dieline.
  4. The graphic layer has to be always under the die-cut template layer.
  5. The PDF file must be realised using vector graphics software (e.g. Illustrator®): files created with different software, that will convert the dieline to raster, cannot be used for SoOPAK 3D model generation.
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