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Welcome to, we are dedicated to providing clients professional , fast turn around folding carton packaging solution, now let’s get some boxes made!

We recommend customer register a member account through which you could reserve quotation, request Custom dieline design, place order, collect credit, track your order status and more other soopak supports.


1. Choose product , get a quotation

  • provide 3 main categories that customers could choose their ideal packaging solution from.
    By Box Style €œ lists all standard box structure that soopak produces, if you want to make your choice on style of the box to meet your packaging needs, this is where you should go
    * Products under this category come with Custom dieline design.

  • By Industries is a selection of best practice packaging solution provided by SoOPak structure designer, technical sales specialist and analysis of soopak clients’s choice, which ensures you a hassle free purchasing experience.
    * Products under this category come with FREE dieline design.

  • Custom Sytle is a complete tailored packaging solution for your packaging, our experienced structure designer will work with you till your brilliant ideas convert to a real folding carton, as we believe your ideas deserves it.

  • Get a quotation in By Box Style &  By Industries€: once you chose a product page under this category, input product options like dimension; color; coating€¦ the price will be changing while you are featuring them, till you input the last one €œqty€, you'€™ve finished the quotation process and should be able to see the lot price with per unit price as well.

  • There i€™s one thing special while you are getting quatation from Custom Style€, the dimension input option only shows €œLength€ & €œWidth € (unlike all other categories shows €œLength€ Width€ & €œHeight€ ), this is because custom style box may not erect into a cube but special shape, thus on this very product page €œcustom style€ the length and width represents the only 2 dimension of the flat dieline design of this custom style box.

If you like the quotation, please added it into your shopping cart to reserve this quotation, which makes placing order easier in soon furture. (please make sure you are logged in)

2. Dieline Design & Prototyping

You like the quotation, let'€™s get the ball rolling, to have a folding carton made, normally there are 2 elements before production: dieline & artwork (unless your packaging is plain carton , that case dieline is the only thing we need.)

First thing would be dieline design, the structure of the box.

  • To get a dieline design please go to Design , there are 2 options you could choose from , €œstandard dieline design€ & €œcustom dieline design€ ,

    1. Standard dieline design €“ Free: In Step 1, if you found your ideal box style in €œBy Box Style or €œBy Industries€ product page, please input that product ID in this page, along with dimension, paper stock and if you need prototype box , then add to cart and proceed to check out. A dieline design file will be sent to you through Email and 2 prototype boxes (if applicable) will be shipped to you within 24 hrs. If you confirm the dieline design, then we can move to artwork design

    2. Custom dieline design : If you didn'€™t find your ideal box in €œ€œBy Box Style€ or €œBy Industries€, then we could design the box from scratch €œcustom dieline design€, to ensure our structure designer acquires enough details of your idea, we'€™ll need detailed dieline description & images in :

      1. Box style: if the main structure is similar to any of our standard box style, please list the it'€™s product ID; if not please provide a image or drawing of how the box looks.

      2. Detailed feature: tear open ; cut out ; lock ; insert €¦

      3. Dimensional figure: L; W; H; radius angle; diameter; cut out position€¦

    3. You’ve had the dieine for your box as you have ordered the same structure box before, then we can move to artwork design.

  • You'€™ve had the dieine for your box as you have ordered the same structure box before, then we can move to artwork design.

3. Place Order

Now both dieline and artwork is ready, you are one step away from realizing your packaging design into real box €“ Place Order

  • If you have reserved your quotation, you could tune to shopping cart, find the quotation and click edit to get back to product page with all prefix settings and upload your artwork there, then proceed to check out.

  • If you didn'€™t reserve quotation, tune to the product page according to product ID, fill out all the same setting and upload artwork there then proceed to check out.

Now your order is in soopak production list, our prepress department will process your artwork to press ready file rand send it to you to confirm, after it'™s confirmed, we guarantee your order to be ready for shipping in 10 business days.

4. Track Order

Now you order is being processed in SoOPak production line, you could find up to dated order status in My Account€ / €œMy Order€ block.