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Let's start by asking some basic information about your project, please kindly help me answer the following questions.

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Question to Ask

Q1 . What type of box?

Folding Carton includes : Color paper boxes, retail boxes, paperboard boxes.

Some times, the customer wants boxes made out of different material. Our work of scope is only to boxes uses paper boards.

Q2 . What's the box size?

Q3 . What's the QTY needed?

Q4 . What's this box for?

Here you should ask for the size of the product, what kind of product, and the weight of the product that are put into the box.

Q5 . Do you have a Dieline?

Die-line is the boxes template or outline or layout. The main purpose is for artwork design.

Q6 . Do you have Artwork?

Q7 . What type of coating?

Q8 . Are there any special color?

Max 6 PMS

Q9 . Will there be any additional requirements?

Will there be additional value adds such as foil stamping, windows, embossing and etc.

Q10 . When do you need the box by?
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